WW1 ANZAC nurses and the sinking of the Marquette

The other ANZACs – the nurses who served during WW1

Moments In Time

Edith as a young woman before leaving for the war and a new life

ANZAC Day is a time for tributes and throughout history war has produced countless heroes worthy of them. Many of these have been woman who quietly and staunchly served their country and supported their menfolk either at home or on the front lines. Yet for these women, war also opened up a world and new horizons that never would have been available to them in peacetime – even if it sometimes came at a heavy price.

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Kodak moments

The beautiful moments that make up a life
The beautiful moments that make up a life

A question often asked is: “What if you only had five years to live?” Or the favourite of job interviewers everywhere: “Where do you see yourself in five years time?” A lot can happen in five years, a lot can happen in six months or even a week. But what if there are no options left, what if this is it? Today is your last day, no more one day I’ll learn a language, climb Mt Kilimanjaro, or do a skydive?

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