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My favourite super hero and why

Harvey Birdman – he’s here to help.
That eyepatch!

I seem to favour animal super-heroes. I’m not sure why, but they are often more witty and charming than their human counterparts. At first I was leaning towards Danger Mouse (DM to his friends). Great accent, eyepatch and Penfold, his very cute hamster side- kick, but he is really a secret agent with no powers. And of course there is Dynamo Duck, who is simply irresistible. I mean he is cute and fluffy and drives a teeny Ferrari, but he is also not a super hero as such either. So, it has to be Harvey Birdman, Attorney at law, who is human even though he has wings. He is a great super hero at so many levels. Environmentally friendly – powered by the sun – and he has wings! Who doesn’t want to have their own set of wings? He shows initiative.  When the superhero business hit a slump, he retrained as an attorney and even helps out his old cartoon friends when they get on the wrong side of the law – what’s not to admire?