Rāmere Shorts – A story in 140 characters – five word prompts

Every Friday on Twitter, Read NZ Te Pou Muramura (formerly the NZ Book Council) give five words as a prompt for a 140 character tweet under #RāmereShorts.

I’ve been doing it on and off for a while, it’s a great way to get some inspiration going! If I don’t have an image of my own, I’ve created AI images with a line from the poem

To sip on fragrant tea
To read the words of my beloved
To feel the warm north wind
To know kindness
These the blessings of a conscious heart

We were young
Sipping spice tea in the sun
I didn’t intend to part so soon Thought we’d manage to grow old
Not ripped apart
Like paper in the rain

A bright moon rises
Over a group of Spring stars
To the tune of celestial cycles
As the year warms
Sorrows of winter past
Matter no more

Well may Winter storms pass
And set the scene for Spring flowers
Time moves through seasons
Each with their own language
And beauty

Across the plain of night
The red star lies on the shoulder of Māui
Crying for adventure
As his hook shows the way to the land of clouds

How do you mark a moment?
So you can walk through a memory
That opens your mind
To remember it clearly
Like a postcard from the past.

Like sand shifts across the desert
Time wraps our memories in dust
That we uncover in moments
Gifts from the past
That rested forgotten

To remember one who loved words
A week since you left this life
I wish its shape
Could have fit you better
Made a lighter path
To keep you home

The light of stars cover the heavens
A group of jewels
Cut with shimmering gases
At a glance, a moment in time
In reality, a view of eternity

Is it too late
To solve this quandary?
Green shimmering blur
Beckons above
A pair of hands reach for life
A chance to dream again

Bay at the moon
Oh foolish ones
Wish for a world
That has forever gone
The one we knew
We cannot promise
As the side we chose
Was a world on fire

We cannot follow the dead They require a special light
To guide them to the invisible land
Leaving only a tale
To remember them by

What are dreams
But a variation of life?
A symmetry of existence Awake or asleep
A promise of fine days In summer green
Or cold winter shadows

The convenience of time
Is to keep the hours parted With each breath
A card laid down,
With no pattern
Except, sometimes
To pair with sensation

A fallen leaf is small and plain But its ability to date our lives And the drift of seasons Through its gold and red
Is a wonder like no other

The text of a favourite poem
I recite to push a wave of sorrow away
Helps the cold winter rain pass off
Llike magic the sun returns


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